Board of Directors


  • President

    Frank Daebelliehn

    I am Frank Daebelliehn born in 1958, happily married and a 32-year Army Veteran. My Wife Tracy is a 22-year Army Veteran as well. We love getting out and enjoying life, we are both certified scuba divers and volunteer with
  • Vice President

    David Bradshaw

    David serves as Vice President but is also the founder of our hunting program. David has made it possible for people with the severest disabilities to successfully hunt and enjoy life to the fullest. David is married to Cathleen and
  • Secretary

    Bruce Kuker

    I served honorably in the US Army for 23+ years then I was medically retired post Operation Enduring Freedom Campaign.  After my long-awaited initial SCI appointment @ ALMVAMC, I found the office of the PVA – Texas Chapter. Initially, I
  • Treasurer

    Zach Jones

    Bio coming soon


  • Board Member 1

    Jason Mead

    I’m a Desert Storm Navy Vet. My injury is lumbar 1-5 incomplete. I have been a member for roughly 9 years. I live in Cypress TX  which is in the NW Houston metropolitan area. I have tried to participate in
  • Board Member 2

    Juan “Johnny” Banda

    My name is Juan Banda aka “Johnny”. I enlisted in the Marine Corps straight out of high school back in 1983. My career in the Marine Corps was cut short in 1987 after contracting Transverse Myelitis and becoming a paraplegic.
  • Board Member 3

    Joe Bludeau

    My name is Joe Bludeau SFC, USA (Ret.)  I served in a combination of active and reserve Army components for approximately 17 years before my medical retirement as a Sergeant First Class (SFC/E-7) in late 2017 due to SCD (Multiple
  • Immediate Past President, National Vice President Liaison

    Tammy Jones

    Throughout Tammy Jones’ early childhood, her dad was in the U.S. Army, and the patriotism and service to others he instilled had a big impact on her. During high school, Jones enjoyed participating in both the Army and Navy Junior
  • National Director

    Anne Robinson

    My name is Anne Robinson and my other wonderful half is Harry. I am medically retired from the U.S. Army due to a military vehicle accident in October 1999, in which I became a C4 quadriplegic. I became involved with
  • Executive Director

    Amanda Saunders

    Amanda is a native Houstonian. She has a background in accounting and came onboard with Paralyzed Veterans of America, Texas Chapter in 2008. She was later promoted to Chapter Executive Director. Amanda is passionate about the great things the Texas
  • Sports & Recreation Director

    Texas PVA has been paramount in my own physical and social well being thus its a privilege to serve as The PVAT Sports & Rec Director. The Great State of Texas is Huge and provides numerous activities for our vast