Frank Daebelliehn


I am Frank Daebelliehn born in 1958, happily married and a 32-year Army Veteran. My Wife Tracy is a 22-year Army Veteran as well. We love getting out and enjoying life, we are both certified scuba divers and volunteer with Texas Equusearch to aid in the recovery of missing people. I was injured from a fall off my roof in 2014, after retirement from Active duty in 2011. A burst fracture of T9 left me a paraplegic with the struggle of learning to live my life in a wheelchair.

I am a handy man and have adapted most of my home and yard equipment for my use to maintain my home and property. I have also stayed busy with the building of my camper by starting with a 26-foot enclosed race car trailer. It is 100% wheelchair accessible and great for traveling. I have taken trips all by myself with the aid of the trailer providing me with the ability to take care of my needs. Don’t let your wheelchair stop you from doing what you want, if I can show you how to do what you what to do just call me.

I am currently the chapter Treasure and will be running for chapter President to take office in Oct of 2020. I am here to answer any questions you may have of me. My goal is to make the TPVA the best chapter in the nation. The only way to accomplish that is to get all our members involved in the chapter. I would like all our members to come out and enjoy the outing and sporting events that a lot of our members are currently enjoying. Getting out and mixing with other members has such a therapeutic benefit to aiding our health and trading ideas that help to make our life easier. We currently have an outstanding team that is striving to do everything we can to help our members in any way we can. I encourage all our members to call the chapter office when any kind of help is needed. I would like to invite all members to send in emails of events or activities they would like to see this chapter host.