Bruce Kuker


I served honorably in the US Army for 23+ years then I was medically retired post Operation Enduring Freedom Campaign. 

After my long-awaited initial SCI appointment @ ALMVAMC, I found the office of the PVA – Texas Chapter. Initially, I only wanted to volunteer with the SCI Recreation department as a way to give back. However, as a Walking Quad I realized that I could help and participate within the team.

During my 1st volunteer assignment for the NVWG’s in Pittsburgh, I discovered and quickly developed a passion for Adaptive Cycling (recumbent class).

Nationally: Since 2008, I have served/raced nationally throughout the United States with PVA Racing n Wellness Team. 

Locally: I have volunteered at numerous NVWGs and Warrior Games along with our South Texas PVA Teammates.  I have also learned to enjoy fishing, hunting, shooting trap and sporting clays; all thanks to PVA & PVA Texas Team members. * I also met my better half (Susan Soto, Associate Member) while volunteering with the PVA Texas Team.

Every member of PVA is considered a friend and every PVA Texas member is a comrade to whom I consider family. I want to keep our PVA Texas Chapter a professional and informative organization so that new and established disabled Vets (and Family) can trust and lean on during this phase of our lives.