Advocacy & Legislation


Paralyzed Veterans of America¬†works with all disabled citizens on issues that affect their independence. Transportation, employment, housing and attendant care are the major issues confronting disabled persons today. Paralyzed Veterans of America and its satellite offices work closely with local and state organizations to advocate for solutions to the problems affecting the disabled person’s needs.


Through the years Paralyzed Veterans of America has worked closely with federal and state legislatures to improve the quality of life of the disabled community. Independent living and advocating for the civil rights of disabled Americans are two of our on-going legislative objectives. We work with congress to maintain the VA budget for adequate funding and to maintain services for all veterans. TPVA supports accessible housing programs and efforts to secure adequate funding for attendant care through federal and state agencies.

Paralyzed Veterans of America will be hosting an Advocacy and Legislation Seminar. This is a mandated program from National PVA that each chapter take an active role in both legislation and advocacy issues. All members are encouraged to attend. The purpose of this seminar is to educate our Board of Directors, as well as other PVA members. TPVA hosts Advocacy & Legislation Seminar every other year in Austin to coordinate with the Legislative Sessions.